A Java micro-framework dedicated to AWS Serverless
simplicity, hackability and efficiency.

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Microlam 0.6.1

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Microlam Features

AWS Serverless First

Microlam helps you develop for AWS Lambda using the Java 11, Java 17 or Java 21 then compiling to native via GraalVM and building a Custom Runtime for amd64 or arm64 in order to get the best performance in production and lower costs.


Microlam is an opinionated java micro-framework, leveraging maven and AWS Java SDK 2.x., but very lightweight as required for GraalVM native compilation.

Simplicity, hackability and efficiency

Starting with Microlam is very simple, as you can deploy our sample application to AWS in 5 minutes, but it is never done magically, but always in a way you can hack and understand fully. Development life-cyle is kept as short of possible and there is no compromise on production performance.

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Microlam 0.6.1 released - Support Java 21 and Oracle GraalVM !

December 11, 2023    Tags: release

Microlam 0.6.1 - Support Java 21 and Oracle GraalVM !

Microlam 0.5.3 released - Support Java 20 and Oracle GraalVM !

June 26, 2022    Tags: release

Microlam 0.5.3 - Support Java 20 and Oracle GraalVM !

Microlam 0.5.1 released - Support for Java 19 !

June 26, 2022    Tags: release

Microlam 0.5.1 support for Java 19 !

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