AWS Serverless First

Microlam applications are designed for AWS Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB...

"Modern applications are built serverless-first, a strategy that prioritizes the adoption of serverless services, so you can increase agility throughout your application stack. We’ve developed serverless services for all three layers of your stack: compute, integration, and data stores." quoted from AWS Serverless page. Among them you find:

AWS Lambda AWS API-Gateway AWS DynamoDB AWS S3

Developping for AWS Services

AWS Services are really powerful but are offering so many options that you can feel lost with all the details and possibilities. You may have also several ways to get the same thing. By focusing on AWS, Microlam is able to give you the experience for developing on AWS.

AWS SDK for Java 2.x

Microlam add a layer above the AWS SDK for Java 2.x simplifying testing, developping and deploying.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda supports several Runtime among: Java 21, Custom, or Container based. Microlam helps you develop for Java 11 , Java 17 or Java 21 then convert your App to Custom, and eventually to use containers.

First-Class Support for GraalVM Native Images

GraalVM Native Executable support is an essential part of the design for Microlam. When an application is compiled down to a native executable, it starts much faster and can run with a much smaller heap than a standard JVM. The native compiler uses aggressive dead-code elimination techniques to only embed the parts of the JVM and classes that are absolutely required by your application. Microlam makes building optimized native executables plain easy, notably by providing you a way to generate the configuration automatically to fine-tune the compilation.